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Cow chases her calves as they’re driven away from her

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This is the heartbreaking moment a mother cow chases after her calves as they’re driven away from her in a trailer. 

In the footage, released by animal welfare organisation Safe, the mother cow moves quickly behind the trailer as she endeavors to reunite with her offspring.

The video begins with the mother cantering behind a trailer, which is pulled by a 4WD, taking her calves from her. 

The heartbreaking moment a mother cow chases her calves has emerged online

According to Safe (Save Animals From Exploitation), cows are distressed when they’re separated from their offspring.

The organisation states it is no different when removed from children than how a human would be.

The RSPCA states cows are often separated with their young to reduce the risk of disease transmission as well as to regulate their feed intake while ensuring enough colostrum is given. 

The separation process is stressful for both the calf and the mother therefore needs to be done within an appropriate time frame as to minimise their distress. 

In the video, the mother moves quickly as she attempts to catch up to her calves

Standard dairy industry practice is to separate calves within twelve hours of birth. 

‘Separation within 24 hours of birth interferes with the development of the cow-calf bond and thus reduces separation distress,’ the organisation’s website states. 

‘Cows will show a strong response (calling) if their calf is separated at an older age, e.g. four days after birth, compared to separation at one day or six hours after birth.’ 

The footage begins with the cow cantering behind a trailer pulled by a 4WD  before she desperately tries to keep up with the vehicle however is sadly unsuccessful

Research indicates a heightened response was found after separating the calf at two weeks in comparison to one day. 

Calves who grow up with their mothers are known to display less erratic behaviours, are more playful and have improved social traits. 

They’re also generally gain more weight and have better health with lower morbidity and mortality rates. 



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